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Yes, because it is important for the small % of people who are looking for a coach, or paid program to make sure the freelance virtual assistant life is for you, and to also make sure I am the right fit for you before they invest any further time or resources.

I surveyed a group of newly graduated virtual assistants and asked them what they wish they knew before deciding on starting their own business. These were their top topics that I will answer during our 60 minutes together.

  • How to work out what services to offer
  • How to put a price on your services
  • How to find your first clients

Yes! If you have been researching and wading through the overwhelming amount of content on the internet on how to find the perfect online business, then you will take a huge sigh of relief knowing that the content I will deliver is based on what is working right now in Australia.

Side note: I won’t be asking for any money in the event. This is not one of ‘those’ big sales events where half of the information is left out, and the answers are in the magic elixir program you have to buy on the day. 

I won’t be asking for any money in the event. This is not one of ‘those’ big sales events where half of the information is left out, and the answers are in the magic elixir program you have to buy on the day.

Formally trained in business development, web design & digital marketing, I get a kick out  of helping people prepare for and live a happy, free and exciting life by becoming their own boss and living life on their terms with FREEDOM!

My other superpowers are being a homeschool mum to an awesome teenager, caring for three vulnerable members of my family who are navigating life with a mental illness and Intellectual disability while running a successful freelance business, servicing clients all over Australia.

Just over 10 years ago I was given an opportunity that changed my life and way of thinking about traditional employment forever. Around this time I also discovered there is a major problem in this world where other people have a story just like mine…

Trying to manage all the complexities of running a family and a home while contributing financially to the household. The words ‘Me Time’ is just not in an overworked, underpaid, and exhausted Mums vocabulary. I wanted to challenge and change that.

I stand before you today as a fully booked virtual assistant with clients all over Australia while still being 100% present in my family’s life.

As it turns out, we can have our cake and eat it too. It’s not a decision between motherhood and career. 

Are you kidding me! You are the perfect candidate. Over 40 ladies are brimming with courage, experience and determination. You are looking forward, towards the bigger picture and setting yourself up now to enjoy the next big milestone.

Yes! I encourage you to broaden your scope of opportunity to make an income from your rural area by seeking out clientele from inner cities and interstate. If you have the equipment, time and experience (or willing to upskill) then a freelance virtual assistant business is a perfect way for you to earn an income from anywhere in the world regardless of where your clients are located.

Luckily the items we need to become a virtual assistant are most likely already in your home. At the very least you should have…

  • – A laptop or desktop computer
  • – A strong internet connection
  • – A mobile phone
  • – Ability to Print/Scan/Copy

What they Are saying After Working Together

the client love

I am now relaxed, confident and assured that my business is projecting the image and message that I want. I would recommend Louise because she has the vast knowledge, experience and tools to help business owners improve and maintain their business. - Dav
I would recommend Louise because she is a very positive solutions focused professional with a wealth of software knowledge and administrative expertise. - Theo
I feel prepared and organised to tackle each task and I have obtained clarity around where the action fits in the grand scheme of things. I would highly recommend Louise to any business looking to be proactive about their marketing because she breaks down the complexity and allows you to concentrate on what matters. - Selma
I'm so glad the universe brought us together! I would definitely recommend Louise because she is very knowledgeable, helpful, kind, patient, explains things in a way that's easy to understand and not patronising. - Bethany
I love your work. You were an amazing find that day I met you! I can’t begin to describe how good I feel about working with you after my previous experience! The love and passion you have for what you do shines through Thank you! - Wendy


A freelance virtual assistant BUSINESS?

I Will Let You In On a Little virtual assistant Secret...

Here’s The Good News: Becoming a virtual assistant is an easy business to get going. Even if you think you don’t have any skills… I am confident you will ALREADY have the skills you need to get started! (you know, the things you already do in your every day life)


Almost empty nesters who can’t see themselves doing the same job after their kids leave and want to do something that makes them feel happy & free.

Homeschooling families that still need to generate an income without leaving the home. 

New Mums that don’t want to leave their baby after maternity leave.

Meet Your Trainer, Louise Evans…

Louise specializes in helping Mums create a life they love by teaching them how to start their own side hustle business as a virtual assistant, earning a full time income in part time hours.

After successfully running her own virtual business for the last 10 years, Louise is 100% sold on the fact that we can have our cake and eat it too. We don’t have to sacrifice family or career ever again!

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